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Book Review Of What A Fish Knows:

Paul Taunton’s list of must-read books for June in The National Post includes, “What A Fish Knows”:

From big-bet debuts to money-in-the-bank authors – not to mention a book about fish that might change the way you feel about your favourite breaded filet – here’s the National Post’s Books Editor’s recommended reading for June.

Nestled between his reviews of novels by Stephen King and Annie Proulx, Paul Taunton reviews What A Fish Knows.

What A Fish Knows: Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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“I’m pretty good with a rod, but I need three more years before I can think like a fish,” says fly fisherman Paul Maclean in A River Runs Through It.

Though many books have been written about fish and about fishing, Jonathan Balcombe – inspired by a formative experience wondering if the daily catch feels pain while at a summer camp north of Toronto – has written the first book “on behalf” of fish.

Did you know that most of our senses evolved first in fish?

Did you know that you are related more closely to a tuna than a tuna is to a shark?

Did you know that many fishes treat each other with compassion?

Balcombe’s book may not turn you vegan, but it will appeal to the “humane” part of being human.

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Other books recommended by Paul Taunton in the same listing are:

  • Homegoing, a novel by Yaa Gyasi
  • End of Watch, a novel by Stephen King
  • Barkskins, a novel by Annie Proulx
  • The Girls, a novel by Emma Cline

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